ADA Compliance Programs

Everyone Needs Accessibility to
Your Website.

Is yours ADA Compliant? 

ADA Compliance is Essential

Ensure Your Website is Accessible and Stays Compliant

ADA Compliance standards are lengthy and technical, but they enable those who have visual, auditory or other disabilities to easily access your website for information and services.

Creative Services will add ADA Compliance software to the website for scanning and correcting the content and media according to the 16 requirements of Section 508 article 1194.22, the Federal rules governing disabilities. All viewable content on the site must adhere to these standards for continuous compliance which is only possible through consistent auditing, testing and maintenance.

There are Two Steps in an ADA Compliance Program:

  1. Initial Setup: Audit the site, diagnose, test, and repair
  2. Scheduled Audit & Repair: Monthly and Quarterly Plans